- IAPN in Dialogue: Palm oil is part of our daily lives – how can a sustainable cultivation of oil palms be developed?

IAPN in Dialogue: “Palm oil is part of our daily lives – how can a sustainable cultivation of oil palms be developed?”
November 8, 2017, 2:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
University of Göttingen, Germany
Room L 01, Von-Siebold-Straße 8




Palm oil is a vital constituent in many products of daily use. Its versatile application as ingredient of a variety of products ranging from food, feed, soap, washing detergents, industrial oils to biodiesel etc. has caused that today palm oil is globally the number one vegetable oil consumed.

This success is attributable to the fact that oil palm is a very productive and hence competi-tive vegetable oil producer and has driven the fast expansion in cultivation of this crop during the past 2-3 decades. This development is not undisputed in public and among experts as it is associated with a fast loss of tropical rain forest, destruction of wildlife habitats and uncontrolled bushfires in the regions where it is grown over larger areas.

On this background we want to discuss the role of oil palm as an important vegetable oil supplier and how sustainable cultivation of palm oil can be developed. What are the aspects to be obeyed for ecological, social and economic reasons? And what are specific require-ments for an effective nutrient management in this crop? We would like to invite you to listen to and discuss these aspects in a circle of international experts familiar with oil palm cultivation.

Our guests and their topics

Dr. Rolf Härdter, Head of Agronomy & Advisory of K+S KALI GmbH, Kassel

Introduction to palm oil production and its use from an industrial point of view


Dr. Thomas Oberthür, Director International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) Southeast Asia Program, Penang, Malaysia

Regional experiences and requirements for sustainable palm oil cultivation from a scientific point of view


Dr. Hsiao-Hang Tao, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Tropical Plant Production and Agricultural Systems Modelling of Göttingen University and International Plant Nutrition Institute Southeast Asia Program

Selected results of trials on sustainable palm oil nutrient management


Dr. Joachim Milz, Director ECOTOP Consult, La Paz, Bolivia

Industrialised oil palm production versus alternative production systems con-sidering sustainability from a systemic point of view


IAPN in Dialogue is chaired by Prof. Dr. Merle Tränkner, IAPN


The meeting will be held in English.


After the official program, you are invited to continue this dialogue with some snacks.



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