Welcome to the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN). An increasing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change place great demands on agricultural research. Increasingly, the focus in agriculture is on questions pertaining to the efficient use of arable and pasture land, of water and of plant nutrients.
The IAPN addresses these issues. We are committed to researching the role of intelligent fertilization management in handling these global challenges, and to provide solutions.
We see ourselves as an interface between science and agricultural practice. The development of approaches to an efficient transfer of knowledge is therefore another important concern. We aim to pool knowledge in a global network, creating synergies for successful research and practical implementation of these research results.

2016/08/23 - Sustainable Intensification for a viable future

On 12 July 2016, Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert spoke on the options of sustainably increasing agricultural yields, as proposed by Prof. Dr. Bernward Märländer and himself. This lecture was part of a series held at the University of Göttingen. more


2016/06/28 - IAPN in Dialogue discusses “Potato Potentials in Africa”

As part of its series of events “IAPN in Dialogue” the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition – IAPN focused on the importance of potatoes as a means of fighting hunger and poverty in Africa. more


2016/03/29 - PhD student of the International Potato Center stayed at IAPN

James Njeru Mugo, PhD student at the International Potato Center, Nairobi Branch, Kenya, stayed at IAPN. The methods he has developed at IAPN are now used for the further development of potato cultivation in the highlands of Kenya. more


2016/02/22 - Prof. Cakmak again conducts research at the IAPN

Ismail Cakmak, professor for plant nutrition and plant physiology, will spend one year for a research and teaching stay at the IAPN. He aims to investigate open questions on the role of plant nutrients in improving stress tolerance of plants. In 2014, Prof. Cakmak already conducted research at ... more


2016/02/09 - Contributions to the 2nd Magnesium Symposium published in journal special edition

The contributions to the 2nd International Symposium on Magnesium have been published in the December edition of Australian journal Crop & Pasture Science. The symposium featured discussion of recent research results on the role of magnesium in crop production, nutrition and health. more


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