Annika Lingner

Mrs. Annika Lingner started her Ph.D. studies at the IAPN and the University of Göttingen on September 1st, 2014.


Her research work will be a part of the IMPAC-project “Novel genotypes for mixed cropping allow for improved sustainable land use across arable land, grassland and woodland”. In particular, effects of mono and mixed cropping will be investigated in field experiments with Faba bean and various cereals in the context of water stress. Therefore methods to measure physiological reactions to water shortage and magnesium deficiency are employed, while there’s a focus on chlorophyll fluorescence, RNA sequencing and proteomics (2D-gelelectrophoresis). Furthermore, Mrs. Lingner will perform gas exchange measurements and develop a field drone in order to employ NDVI-imaging to acquire information on the degree of vegetation cover and the green coloration of crop stands.


Mrs. Lingner did her Bachelor degree in Agricultural Biology at the University of Hohenheim in 2011 and she successfully completed her Master’s studies in Agriculture 2013 at the University of Göttingen. Afterwards some months, she worked in a research a project on the model legume Medicago truncatula in the Division of Plant Nutrition at the faculty of agriculture of Göttingen University.



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