An important task of the IAPN is to offer students a good education in nutritional physiology of plants. In addition to traditional lectures, seminars and practical trainings also innovative ways of teaching are offered. Thus already during their studies, students find opportunities to get insights into the global issues of plant nutrition.

At IAPN, we encourage contacts and the exchange of ideas between our students and our visiting scientists. So students get to know current issues and problems of the agricultural practice of very different countries.


Focus on Crop Nutrition and Physiology

The IAPN's range of study subjects strongly emphasizes aspects of crop nutrition and plant physiology. One of our primary concerns is to pass on to students the essential systemic contexts in global crop cultivation.


The Master Module “Mineral Nutrition of Crops under a Variety of Climatic, Local and Environmental Conditions” for instance, offers insight into the central characteristics of nutrient dynamics in various climate zones, the primary issues in terms of soil fertility and nutrient element supply, in addition to plant adaptation mechanisms.


For more information on our current courses and program details please refer to the university's info system for students.


The report “Teaching at the IAPN – Understanding Plant Physiology” may give a little bit of an insight into our courses.