Dr. Birgit Pfeiffer

Dr. Birgit Pfeiffer was employed at the IAPN in the time from October 2015 until December 2015. She investigates the role of microbial communities and their diversity in agricultural soils in terms of an effective nutrition of plants and the emission of greenhouse gases such as N2, N2O or CH4.


Microbial soil communities are affected directly and indirectly by a complex system of interactions between biotic and abiotic factors. As an example, different plant species and their respective root properties, soil nutrient levels, their pH levels and moisture content have a large impact on the composition and activity of the microbial community living in agricultural soils. Microorganisms in return, play an important role as drivers of the nutrient cycles or in the mobilization of nutrients and thus shape their environment.


Currently Mrs. Pfeiffer explores the complex relationships of microbial activity and diversity, and the mobilization of important nutrients (N, P, K) in the rhizosphere and soil, and follows the microbial formation of climate-relevant trace gases in soil. An important objective of this work is, among other things, to develop approaches for an optimized use of nutrients.


In 2013 Ms. Pfeiffer completed her doctorates/PhD within the framework of the Cluster of Excellence "Functional Biodiversity Research" at the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics, the University of Göttingen.




Publications in refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings.

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