Knowledge Exchange



Designed to meet the needs of the future

The issues facing agricultural research in light of global environmental, economic and demographic change call for an interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. IAPN strives to expand its cooperation with professionally complementary institutions and researchers, nationally as well as internationally. IAPN consciously turns to practice-oriented research. The institute aims to transfer the already available scientific knowledge into practice more intensively, but also to formulate open research questions jointly with national and local practitioners and scientists.


Our visiting scientists – knowledge exchange with young multipliers

Young scientists, frequently from abroad, regularly work as interns at IAPN. In general, these young scientists already have degrees in agricultural science. They conduct further research and studies with the IAPN team either on a specific issue related to their home country or on one of IAPN's own specialist subjects. Ideally, both sides benefit greatly from this intense exchange of knowledge: the young multipliers will be able to pass on their knowledge in their home countries, while IAPN benefits from the knowledge they supply on their countries of origin. more


Science and practice face-to-face – "IAPN in Dialogue"

"IAPN in Dialogue" gives scientists and practitioners from around the world an opportunity to report about their projects. The series of events, organized as a public forum, is attended by researchers, students and interested specialists. Speakers and participants alike exchange knowledge across their various disciplines and gain insights into relevant issues affecting neighboring disciplines. more


Interdisciplinary discourse: the International Symposium on Magnesium

The International Symposia on Magnesium in 2012, 2014 and 2018 offered fruitful forums for intensive exchange about this mineral across many disciplines of agricultural sciences and beyond. Participants from a large number of countries and international speakers – leading researchers and experienced practitioners – discussed the importance of magnesium for human health as well as the health of animals and plants. The symposium in 2012 was hosted by IAPN, which also co-organized the event in 2012, 2014 and 2018. At all three symposia, IAPN scientists contributed their findings as speakers and by presenting posters illustrating topical research results.

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