Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert

Research for Practice

A growing world population and climate changes are creating a host of new challenges for plant nutrition research. In the future, there will be an increasing demand for crop plants and cultivation systems that are able to tolerate adverse environmental conditions, so that even less fertile soils may produce good yields. “So far, mineral nutrition problems were mainly researched under otherwise satisfactory growth conditions. In the future, however, research on plant nutrition will increasingly need to consider other limiting factors, such as water scarcity or heat stress”, said Professor Dr. Klaus Dittert, who heads the sector of Plant Nutrition and Yield Physiology at the Department of Crop Sciences at the Georg-August-University of Goettingen, a position that encompasses scientific directorship of the IAPN.

Ever since the beginning of his scientific career, research approaches with close links to the nutrition of agricultural crops in the field have been at the focus of attention. According to Professor Dr. Dittert, his personal, primary goal is to contribute to the sustainable and environmentally safe production of food, with his research.  A focal point of his work was the nutrition of crop plants with nitrogen, an aspect that will continue to play an important role in his research at the Goettingen university.

The IAPN will greatly expand the scope of the issues, crop plants and cultivation conditions.  The mutual interaction and interdependence of the various elements of agrarian and neighbouring systems will be part of this investigation. “Nourishing crop plants should be accompanied by minimal environmental impacts”, Professor Dittert explains the increasing consideration for integrated or holistic research approaches. In his opinion, one of the IAPN’s most important future fields of work will be the connection between nutrient supply and water use efficiency. “How can we encourage plants to use scarce water supplies more efficiently, and thrive with less water? Here we still lack basic physiological knowledge, which we will have to generate at the IAPN, in cooperation with our expert partners.”

Dittert views the IAPN as a forum that consciously turns to international, practice-oriented research. In the affected countries, the institute is meant to cooperate with national and international research institutions. “In order to spread and deepen the knowledge gained, it is indispensable for these institutions to have a multiplier effect in their respective countries. Ideally, scientists who have studied at the Goettingen IAPN or who have spent time conducting research there will continue to do so at home, maintaining a relationship with the IAPN. In this way, we can all learn from each other, and the IAPN will soon have a well-functioning network of peers working on applied plant nutrition research.”



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