Welcome to the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN). An increasing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change place great demands on agricultural research. Increasingly, the focus in agriculture is on questions pertaining to the efficient use of arable and pasture land, of water and of plant nutrients.
The IAPN addresses these issues. We are committed to researching the role of intelligent fertilization management in handling these global challenges, and to provide solutions.
We see ourselves as an interface between science and agricultural practice. The development of approaches to an efficient transfer of knowledge is therefore another important concern. We aim to pool knowledge in a global network, creating synergies for successful research and practical implementation of these research results.

- Hendrik Meemken erhält Preis von Alumni Göttingen für „Originellste Masterarbeit 2018“

Für seine am IAPN erstellte Abschlussarbeit wurde Hendrik Meemken die Auszeichnung „Originellste Masterarbeit 2018“ der Sektion Agrarwissenschaften von Alumni Göttingen verliehen. more

- Im Rückblick: Webinar zum Thema Trockenstress

Am 22. Januar 2019 gab Professor Klaus Dittert in einem Online-Seminar der K+S KALI GmbH Einblicke in die Forschung des IAPN zur Wassernutzungseffizienz. more

- Begeisterte Besucher bei der Nacht des Wissens

Mehr als 25.000 Besucher bei der 4. Nacht des Wissens der Universität Göttingen. In einem Rückblick zeigen wir Impressionen vom Stand des IAPN. Und wer möchte, kann das Nährstoff-Quiz und Nutriball-Game online nacherleben. more

- What plants need to grow

The 4th Night of Knowledge “Nacht des Wissens” will take place on 26 January on the Göttingen Campus. At the IAPN-booth, visitors will be invited to test their own knowledge on plant nutrition in a plant nutrient quiz and a... more

- New Scientist at IAPN

Dr. Ariel Turcios has been working as a Postdoctoral Scientist at the IAPN since 1 January 2019. He supports the teaching in the field of applied plant nutrition and supervises students in their seminars and final theses at IAPN. more

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