Welcome to the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN). An increasing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change place great demands on agricultural research. Increasingly, the focus in agriculture is on questions pertaining to the efficient use of arable and pasture land, of water and of plant nutrients.
The IAPN addresses these issues. We are committed to researching the role of intelligent fertilization management in handling these global challenges, and to provide solutions.
We see ourselves as an interface between science and agricultural practice. The development of approaches to an efficient transfer of knowledge is therefore another important concern. We aim to pool knowledge in a global network, creating synergies for successful research and practical implementation of these research results.

- IAPN in Dialogue - Event Announcement

On December 44 2019 the IAPN invites you to a day of discussion on “Potassium Management in Uruguay: Evolution and Current State of Knowledge”. There will be a presentation and a panel discussion. more

- IAPN at the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Plant Nutrition

The Annual Meeting of the German Society of Plant Nutrition was held in September 2019 in Berlin. All scientists of the IAPN team participated. Jun. Prof. Dr. Merle Tränkner presented results of a meta-analysis on magnesium studies from the last 70 years. A poster prize was awarded to PhD student… more

- IAPN has published Annual Report 2018

IAPN’s “Annual Report 2018: Research on Sustainable Plant Nutrition” provides insights into the institute’s most recent activities in research, teaching and knowledge exchange. more

- A welcome guest at IAPN: Master’s student John Kumi from Ghana

As part of his practical training at IAPN, Master’s student John Kumi from Ghana researches options for reducing the toxicity of aluminum. In 2014, he already spent time at IAPN, as a guest student. more

- Learning by Research: Experiencing Plant Nutrition and Plant Physiology

The IAPN Bachelor course held by Jun. Prof. Dr. Merle Tränkner and Dr. Ariel Turcios teaches students experimental work at the intersection of plant nutrition and physiology. more

- Field Trip on Plant Nutrition Research and Fertilization

In June, Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert led an excursion on plant nutrition research and fertilization. 30 students participated. Jun. Prof. Dr. Merle Tränkner and Dr. Paulo Cabrita joined for explaining about an IAPN field trial. more

- New technical assistant at IAPN

Wael Alyoussef started his work as a technical assistant at IAPN in August 2019. He gives mainly assistance to the project “The application of digital and sensing methods in plant nutrition” coordinated by Dr. Paulo Cabrita. more

- Annika Lingner ready to face new challenges

After having successfully completed her doctorate, Annika Lingner is ready to face new professional challenges. At IAPN, she was most recently involved in the cooperative IMPAC3 project, as research associate. more

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