Welcome to the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN). An increasing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change place great demands on agricultural research. Increasingly, the focus in agriculture is on questions pertaining to the efficient use of arable and pasture land, of water and of plant nutrients.
The IAPN addresses these issues. We are committed to researching the role of intelligent fertilization management in handling these global challenges, and to provide solutions.
We see ourselves as an interface between science and agricultural practice. The development of approaches to an efficient transfer of knowledge is therefore another important concern. We aim to pool knowledge in a global network, creating synergies for successful research and practical implementation of these research results.

- Professor Dr. Abdullah Ulas conducted research at IAPN

[Translate to English:] Professor Dr. Abdullah Ulas (Foto: Ulas)
From June to September 2022, Professor Dr. Abdullah Ulas conducted research at IAPN and the Division of Plant Nutrition and Crop Physiology at the University of Göttingen. At Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, he is head of the Division of Plant Nutrition and director of the Agricultural Research and Applied Center. more

- Dr. Setareh Jamali Jaghdani ready to face new challenges

By the end of April 2022, Dr. Setareh Jamali Jaghdani has left IAPN and took on new tasks. From January 2018 to July 2021, she had carried out her PhD studies at IAPN. Afterwards, she worked as a postdoctoral scientist at our institute. Her research focused on the role of magnesium in photosynthesis and photoprotection. more

- Magnesium deficiency in spinach: new publication of Dr. Setareh Jamali Jaghdani

After completing her PhD research project, Dr. Setareh Jamali Jaghdani has published the results of her final year of studies in her article “The impact of magnesium deficiency on photosynthesis and photoprotection in Spinacia oleracea”. It was co-authored by Dr. Merle Tränkner and Professor Dr. Peter Jahns. Also, the dissertation is available now. more

- Setareh Jamali Jaghdani has graduated

Setareh Jamali Jaghdani successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in August 2021. Her PhD project focused on the influences of magnesium deficiency on photosynthetic processes and photoprotective mechanisms in various crop plants. She continues her work at IAPN as a postdoctoral researcher. more

- IAPN has published Annual Report 2020

IAPN’s “Annual Report 2020: Research on Sustainable Plant Nutrition” provides insights into the institute’s most recent activities in research, teaching and knowledge exchange. more

- Professor Dr. Ismail Cakmak receives honorary professorship at University of Göttingen

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Cakmak
The Faculty of Agriculture at Göttingen University appointed Prof. Dr. Ismail Cakmak as honorary professor. His inaugural lecture takes place on November 3rd 2021. The world-renowned researcher was a visiting scientist at IAPN in several years, including a stay as winner of the Georg Forster Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. more

- Junior Professor Dr. Merle Tränkner takes on new tasks

Professor Dr. Merle Tränkner took on new challenges at the beginning of June 2021. Since 2017, she had been junior professor for “Applied Plant Nutrition” at IAPN and at the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Göttingen. She had joined the IAPN team in 2012 as the institute’s first PhD student. more

- Tingting Liu initiates her research at IAPN on magnesium and drought stress

Tingting Liu started her PhD studies at IAPN in November 2020. She focuses on the effects of magnesium status in wheat suffering from drought. Meanwhile, she completed her pre-experiments and now analyses the data obtained. They are used to prepare a main experiment that will be conducted in summer 2021. more

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