Welcome to the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN). An increasing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change place great demands on agricultural research. Increasingly, the focus in agriculture is on questions pertaining to the efficient use of arable and pasture land, of water and of plant nutrients.
The IAPN addresses these issues. We are committed to researching the role of intelligent fertilization management in handling these global challenges, and to provide solutions.
We see ourselves as an interface between science and agricultural practice. The development of approaches to an efficient transfer of knowledge is therefore another important concern. We aim to pool knowledge in a global network, creating synergies for successful research and practical implementation of these research results.

- Production and natural resources of mineral fertilizers

Approximately 190 million tonnes of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are used as plant nutrients worldwide, and the demand is rising. This time, ‘IAPN in Dialogue’ focussed on fertilizer production and on future availabilities... more

- IMPAC³ nominated for German Sustainability Award 2019

IMPAC³, a project supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2019 in the Research category. In this project, IAPN research associate Annika Lingner is... more

- New Scientist at IAPN

Dr. Paulo Cabrita started working at the IAPN on the 1st of August 2018 on the project “The application of digital and sensing methods in plant nutrition”. He is also involved in further projects focused on the water-use... more

- The IAPN thanks Dr. Bálint Jákli

Dr. Bálint Jákli will assume a new professional challenge. Most recently as postdoctoral researcher at the IAPN and later on at the Section of Plant Nutrition and Crop Physiology of Göttingen University he investigated the... more

- IAPN Scientist Receives Wilhelm-Rimpau-Award

On 12th June 2018, at the occasion of the DLG Field Days in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Setareh Jamali Jaghdani from IAPN was honored with the Wilhelm-Rimpau-Award for her master thesis titled “Characterization of enhanced metabolism to... more

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