The presentations are available as a PDF download here. The order corresponds to the sequence in the program. If a presentation is missing, the speaker requested not to publish it.


Oral presentations

Antonio Roque Dechen, Brazil
Welcome Speech
(33,9 MB)

Rhian Touyz, UK
Magnesium – From Bench to Bedside
(2,6 MB)

Godofredo Vitti, Brazil
Time and rate effect of magnesium application by foliar spray on soybean
(54 MB)

Andreas Gransee, Germany
The influence of magnesium and its various chemical forms on the nutrient uptake of plants
(5,7 MB)

Kieserite video (16,7 MB)

Video of root and shoot growth in differentiated Mg fertilization (12,7 MB)

Bernd Ditschar, Germany
Cations in Ecuadorian tropical soils: different extraction methods and interpretation of the analysis
(1 MB)

Philip White, UK
Phylogenetic effects on shoot magnesium concentrations
(21,2 MB)

Christian Hermans, Belgium
Natural variation of magnesium content in Arabidopsis
(7 MB)

Ismail Cakmak, Turkey
Magnesium in root growth and seed formation
(34,2 MB)

Ugur Sezerman, Turkey
Magnesium confers stability to the PYL10-PP2C complex at high temperatures: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations
(5,3 MB)

Dayane Meireles da Silva, Brazil
Impacts of magnesium-deficiency on growth of two cultivars of coffee
(3,5 MB)

Levent Ozturk, Turkey
Effects of varied magnesium supply on wheat grown under ambient and elevated carbon dioxide conditions
(4,4 MB)

Andrea Rosanoff, USA
The potential importance of Ca:Mg in human health
(14,4 MB)

Martin Broadley, UK
Within-Species genetic variation in leaf magnesium concentration in forage grasses
(5,5 MB)

Forrest H. Nielsen, USA
Importance of plant sources of magnesium for human health
(0,3 MB)

Alexander Baart, Germany
Magnesium, mineral of wellbeing and wellness
(3,7 MB)


Oral poster presentations

Rafael Gil Silvano, Brazil
Time and rate effect of magnesium application by foliar spray on soybean
(1,9 MB)

Eleftheria Stavridou, UK
Fertigation of apple trees affect fruit magnesium content, quality and storage life
(1,2 MB)

Leonard Tedong, Cameroon
Magnesium rich extract of cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) nut and its principal compound, anacardic acid, stimulate glucose uptake in C2C12 muscle cells
(0,7 MB)

Xiao Sun, China
Correlated biogeographic variation in magnesium across trophic levels
(0,5 MB)

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