Symposium on Magnesium 2014

2nd International Symposium on Magnesium in Crop Production, Food Quality and Human Health

Teilnehmer am 2. Internationalen 
Symposium zur Rolle von Magnesium in der Pflanzenproduktion, in der Qualität von Nahrungsmitteln und in der menschlichen Gesundheit

The 2nd Symposium on Magnesium was held from 4-6 November 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.


The focus on a crucial element

Magnesium (Mg) has a number of crucial functions in biological systems. By activating more enzymes than any other mineral nutrient, Mg greatly contributes to various physiological and biochemical processes in cellular systems.


Optimal supply of Mg is fundamental both for high crop quality and also to maintain high crop yields, particularly under adverse growth conditions such as drought, soil acidity and heat/radiation stress.


Plant, animal, human


Magnesium also represents an important mineral nutrient for a better human health and animal nutrition. A sufficient supply of Mg decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and diabetes.


An adequate Mg nutrition is also of great importance for animals, especially for the grazing animals. Low amounts of Mg in grasslands or in feeds are often associated with various health complications in animals, such as grass tetany in grazing animals which is a potentially fatal metabolic disorder in animals.


The issues highlighted above were main topics of the 2nd International Symposium on Magnesium in São Paulo. A special attention was given to the specific problems of Mg nutrition in Brazil and Latin America.



The symposium was organized by IAPN in cooperation with the University of São Paulo (Brazil), the Sabanci University Istanbul (Turkey) and The Center for Magnesium Education & Research (USA). The team collaborated with the Brazilian office of the IPNI (International Plant Nutrition Institute).




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