- First international symposium on magnesium

The IAPN will host the first international symposium on magnesium in crop production, food quality and human health on 8-9 may 2012.


The symposium is a cooperation between the IAPN (University of Goettingen), the Sabanci University Istanbul (Turkey) and the Center for Magnesium Education and Research (USA).


Magnesium: A Forgotten Mineral Nutrient

Magnesium (Mg) has a number of critical functions in plant systems. Based on the published data, it seems that among all mineral nutrients, Mg has the most distinct role in phloem loading of photo-assimilates and carbon partitioning between sink organs.

Magnesium is also an exceptional mineral nutrient in terms of activating more enzymes than any other mineral nutrient. A wide range of essential plant functions requires adequate Mg supply.

Despite the well-known role of Mg for various critical functions in plants, there is surprisingly little research activity on the role of Mg-nutrition in crop production and quality. Magnesium deficiency is also becoming an important limiting factor in crop production systems. Currently, Mg is being considered a »forgotten mineral element«. In view of its particular protective roles against cardiovascular diseases, Mg concentration of food crops and diet is also becoming an important issue.

This conference will be the first international symposium on Mg focusing predominantly on impacts of Mg on crop production and nutritional quality.


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