- IAPN Scientist Receives Wilhelm-Rimpau-Award

On 12th June 2018, at the occasion of the DLG Field Days in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Setareh Jamali Jaghdani from IAPN was honored with the Wilhelm-Rimpau-Award for her master thesis titled “Characterization of enhanced metabolism to ALS and/or ACCase inhibitors in Alopecurus myosuroides (Huds.) and Lolium spp. populations”, awarded by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


In her thesis, she explored the highly topical subject of herbicide-resistance in black-grass and rye-grass, to both ALS- and ACCase-inhibitors. In her own words: “Regarding the population growth and climate change, we need to provide a more sustainable plant production in agriculture. Understanding the resistance mechanisms in different pests including weeds, helps us to come up with better management strategies which lead to more sustainable plant production.”

Jamali wrote her thesis at the Division of Phytopathology and Crop Protection of the Georg-August-University in Göttingen, and in cooperation with Bayer CropScience in Frankfurt. The jury commended the exceptional scientific and formal quality of Jamali’s work. According to this panel of experts, the thesis is one of the very best final papers produced in recent years in the field of phytopathology and crop protection. The award is endowed with € 2,000.00.


Setareh Jamali Jaghdani has been a member of the IAPN’s team of scientists since January 2018. During her three years of doctoral studies she will investigate the influence of magnesium deficiency on the functionality of photosystems and photosynthetic efficiency. In addition, she will explore the role of photo-protective strategies such as detoxification of free oxygen radicals, or changes in the chloroplast ultrastructure.

Already during her master study program at the University of Göttingen, the Iranian-born scientist was recognized by her outstanding performance. She completed her studies with distinction.

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