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More than 25,000 visitors showed up for the 4th Night of Knowledge on 26 January 2019, on the Goettingen Campus. The IAPN event motto: What do plants need to grow? Visitors of all ages were fascinated by our nutrient quiz and the VR-game. We’ve compiled some impressions from around the IAPN booth. And for the playful ones among you, an online version of the nutrient quiz and – on the K+S KALI GmbH website – of the Nutriball game is available.

A total of 370 events put on by 75 participating institutions offered impressive and entertaining options to find out about the latest developments in science and research. From 5 pm until midnight, more than 25 locations all over town kept their doors open to visitors.


Picture gallery: The Night of Knowledge at the IAPN booth




Nutrient quiz: Which mineral is missing?

If you couldn’t come to see us during the Night of Knowledge, or if you’d like to take a second look: these are the photographs used for our nutrient quiz.

The plants on photos 1 and 2 show well balanced nutrition. Photos 3 and 4 show plants with symptoms indicating the same deficiency, as do photos 5 and 6, photos 7 and 8 and photos 9 and 10 – but the missing mineral differs from pair to pair. Can you tell which one is missing? Photos 11 and 12 are the most difficult. Here you have only one photograph (11) for properly identifying a deficiency. Photo 12 is our supplementary question. This plant exhibits symptoms of a particular stress. Do you know which one it is? Mouseclick the photographs for enlarging them.


(Photos: IAPN)



If you would like to check your answers click here to see the solution.

Photo 3 and 4:
Nitrogen deficiency – symptoms are overall yellowing leaves and stunted growth.

Photo 5 and 6:
Iron deficiency – results in chloroses (lack of leaf chlorophyll) between the veins of younger leaves; on the photograph 6 younger leaves do not show any signs of iron deficiency as the supply was subsequently readjusted and leaves became green again.

Photo 7 and 8:
Magnesium deficiency – easily identifiable chloroses between older leaf veins.

Photo 9 and 10:
Potassium deficiency – leaf margin necroses (cell die off) beginning on leaf edges.

Photo 11:
Phosphorus deficiency – causes darkish blue-green discolorations, among other symptoms.

Photo 12:
Salt stress – identifiable by rolling-up of leaves, chloroses and necroses. Sunflower leaves are serrated; this characteristic will be less pronounced in case of salt stress, and leaf edges appear smoother. Salt stress is caused by high soil salinity values.




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Play Nutriball

Pflanzen ernähren im Online-Spiel der K+S Kali GmbH

Online fertilization game

(Image: K+S)


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Website with photographs and video

Website with photographs and video

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