- Special issue on magnesium in “Plant and Soil”

The contributions of the first international symposium on magnesium have recently been published in “Plant and Soil”. The symposium was held in June 2012 at the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition (IAPN) in Göttingen. For the first time the renowned scientific journal devoted an inter­disciplinary special issue to the subject of magnesium. It is entitled "Magnesium in Crop Production, Food Quality and Human Health" (Volume 368, Issue 1–2, July 2013).


Recognition of the symposium

At the symposium leading researchers on magnesium in plants, animals and humans summarized and discussed the current state of scientific knowledge. The symposium was intended to kick off an intense interdisciplinary discourse by magnesium researchers worldwide. The experts highlighted the significance of magnesium as a nutrient promoting the health of humans, animals and plants. “The fact that the contributions of the symposium have passed the peer review of “Plant and Soil”, is a great scientific recognition of our conference", said Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert, scientific director of IAPN. “And it also shows that, with this interdisciplinary approach, we are on the right way.”


Free availability of the articles

The articles published in “Plant and Soil” are available as free downloads until 10 August 2013 at: http://link.springer.com/journal/11104/368/1/page/1


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