- New Scientist at IAPN

Dr. Melanie Hauer-Jákli started working at the IAPN on 15th of May 2018. She focusses on the project “Evaluation of critical nutrient concentrations”.


In this project, a systematic literature search is performed to gather published data about nutrient concentrations in plants together with yield parameters and further parameters that characterize productivity at different levels of fertilization. In a second step, statistical tools are used to evaluate the effect of fertilization on productivity and to determine critical nutrient ranges for maintaining functioning of physiologically important processes.

In 2015, Melanie Hauer-Jákli finished her PhD with the thesis entitled “Catch crops and sugar beet variety types at Heterodera schachtii infested fields – nematode-host interactions and options for nematode control” at the Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IfZ), department of agronomy, at the University of Göttingen. Since July 2015, she worked on plant protection strategies in sugar beet cultivation at the department of systems analysis at IfZ.



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